Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UC San Diego Staff Association?

The UC San Diego Staff Association presents staff views to the Office of the President, the Chancellor and senior UC San Diego administration. It is managed by staff members for staff members.

Mission: The objective of the UC San Diego Staff Association, as a group that is advisory to the administration, is to provide an effective base for staff communication with the administration, faculty, and students, in all matters relating to the welfare and efficient functioning of the University in its role as an international leader in higher education. The Staff Association encourages staff members to voice their opinions on issues that affect the University community, and serves as an advisor to the administration on these issues when the Staff Association membership deem it necessary.

Goals: Many of our goals are established as a direct result of feedback you give us. In general, the goals of the Staff Association are:

  1. To represent actively the interests of the staff at the Campus, Health System, and other facilities associated with the University of California, San Diego, hereinafter referred to as UC San Diego.
  2. To promote communication between staff employees and the administration.
  3. To provide input to the decision-making process on issues affecting staff and the University.
  4. To support and develop activities which serve UC San Diego, the community, and the University.
  5. To serve as the official nominating body for staff appointments to administrative committees, search committees, and task forces.
  6. To participate actively on the Council of the University of California Staff Assemblies, hereinafter referred to as CUCSA.

What is the change I’m hearing about?

Until 2015, the Staff Association has been a membership organization that required each staff member to personally enroll and pay a membership fee. The membership fees were used to provide scholarships to staff members and to support staff appreciation events. In 2015, the association transitioned from this “opt in” format that required dues to an “opt out” format. This new format allows all current staff and future staff to be automatically enrolled in the association and eliminates membership dues.

How does this affect me?

If you are a full or part time career staff member at UC San Diego, you will be automatically enrolled in the UC San Diego Staff Association mailing list and will periodically receive a newsletter that will include announcements, opportunities for scholarships, campus committee openings, and invitations to events. There is nothing you need to do to enroll.

Why is the Staff Association making this change?

Several reasons:
  1. The campus leadership wants to hear from all staff members across the campus and Health System.
  2. All staff members have the right to be heard. We do not want membership dues to deter participation in the UC San Diego Staff Association.
  3. All other UC campus staff associations have already made the transition to a non-dues paying membership model. The last one transitioned six years ago.

What if I am already a member and paid my dues?

You will continue to be enrolled in the association and we are very grateful to those of you who have supported the Staff Association with your dues for several years. Scholarships would not have been possible without your generosity. Thank you!

What are the benefits of being a member of the Staff Association?

  • Staff scholarships to help develop your career through training, conferences, and workshops
  • Opportunities to serve on UC San Diego committees and help shape university policies and procedures
  • Representation on the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA), which provides input to the Office of the President
  • Opportunities for community service on and off campus
  • Professional and social networking
  • The chance to voice your concerns, ideas and celebrations with campus leadership

What if I don’t want to be a member?

Is the Staff Association a union? Is the Staff Association becoming a union?

No and no. The UC San Diego Staff Association does not bargain or negotiate with campus leadership on behalf of the staff. We are an avenue for communication with campus leadership and will relay your concerns, suggestions, and recommendations. Tell us what you are thinking. Leadership wants to know!

Where is the money for the scholarships and events going to come from now that you are no longer collecting fees?

The Staff Association is moving under the umbrella of the Human Resources Department. Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Pierre Ouillet, who oversees Human Resources, has agreed to continue and increase support to cover administrative costs. Chancellor Pradeep Khosla has enthusiastically offered to financially support the staff appreciation events. He wants the staff to know they are valued and important, so he is financially supporting the Annual Staff Picnic, Celebrate the Night(s), and the Holiday Pancake Breakfast. The UC San Diego Staff Association will be implementing new and exciting fundraising activities to support staff scholarships.

How will the UC San Diego Staff Association be funded?

The Chancellor, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, and the Chief Financial Officer have committed their support to the Staff Association by providing funding for staff appreciation events to celebrate staff and to ensure the ongoing functioning of the Staff Association.

What makes the Staff Association think it can represent my interests better than I can independently?

Simply put, we are better together. If you feel strongly about something, get involved. Get your coworkers involved. Spread the word. Your voice matters.

I’ve got a better idea. Who can I talk to about it?

The UC San Diego Staff Association wants to hear from you. Please send us an email at