Resources for Staff Affiliate Groups

How to Establish a Staff Affiliate Group

Do you have an idea for a new affiliate group? To create a new affiliate group, there is a process and Human Resources is here to help. 

  1. Prepare and submit via email to Human Resources a Staff Association/Affiliate Group Registration Form and the proposed new staff association/affiliate group bylaws or constitution. 
  2. Human Resources will:
    1. Review the forms
    2. Forward to the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for review.
    3. Coordinate a meeting with the proposed new groups leadership, the CHRO, and staff association/affiliate group HR liaison.
  3. CHRO will determine if the organization qualifies as a staff association/affiliate group.


Annual Registration and Funding

Annual Registration

To maintain officially recognized status as a staff association/affiliate group, staff associations are required to submit a signed copy of the UC San Diego Staff Association/Affiliate Group Registration Form annually by August 31 of each year.


For 2018-19, funding requests are due by August 31. 


For more information, contact Amanda Chavez, x49659.