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CUCSA stands for Council of UC Staff Assemblies, a university-wide organization for non-represented staff. The Chair and Chair Elect of the UC San Diego Staff Association Executive Board serve as delegates on CUCSA ( Through CUCSA, we communicate with other campuses and the UC Office of the President (UCOP) about matters affecting non-represented staff, such as changes to benefits, staff engagement, and wellness.

CUCSA is made up of two delegates from each campus, UCOP, and Berkeley Lab. They meet four times a year, rotating the locations. Through CUCSA, our delegates learn and share best practices for staff. They also communicate with representatives from various UCOP offices and the Board of Regents.

Charge for the CUCSA

In support of the mission of the University of California, it is the purpose of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) to maintain and enhance communication within the University Community on matters of interest to staff employees in accordance with California laws and Regent policy.

The constituency of the Council is understood to be staff employees of the University of California. The Council is involved in matters of interest and concern to those who are not exclusively represented and may address matters, not within the scope of representation for those exclusively represented.

Each year, the CUCSA delegation looks at different topics pertaining to staff issues and presents an annual report with their findings to the Board of Regents in July. This year, they are looking at Health and Wellness, Staff Veterans, Effective Change Management, Performance Management, and Internal Operations.

You can follow CUCSA and hear about issues affecting all UC non-represented employees on Twitter and Facebook. You can also read minutes from this year’s and some past years’ meetings. The CUCSA website has a wealth of information about staff issues.

CUCSA Engagement Survey

In 2012, CUCSA launched a systemwide engagement survey. Results from the survey are used by UC locations to create engagement related initiatives. 

Systemwide results are available on CUCSA's website

UC San Diego results: 


2015 (Video with leadership remarks and results)