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Social Sessions

Past Sessions, 2020:

  • April 29 - Triton Trivia

Congratulations to our winners: Vanessa Pool (1st Place), Amber Bareno (2nd Place), Nick Marangella (3rd Place).

  • May 6 - Tritons Make: Self Portrait Collage

Thank you to our instructor, Craft Center Manager Annika Nelson, and all of our participants. 

  •  May 13 - Tritons Move - Zumba with UCSD Recreation

Thank you to our instructor, Johanna Fenton, and all of our participants.

Thank you to Jasmine Chu, sports dietitian, and UC San Diego Athletics.

  • May 27 - Triton Trivia

Congratulations to our winners: Nicholas Egan (1st Place), Vanessa Pool (2nd Place), Marit Bessesen (3rd Place).

  • September 16 -Trivia hosted by Amanda Chavez

    Join fellow UC San Diego staff for some lunchtime pop culture and general knowledge trivia. Invite your colleagues and get ready for some friendly competition and a chance to win prizes. All you need to participate in your computer, phone, or tablet! As a UC San Diego Staff event, all staff must have a valid UC San Diego email address to participate.

  • September 23 -Craft Demo with Annika Nelson

    Desk Forest Project Description:

    Using simple materials and tools, you can recreate the natural world elements to bring into your living or working space. Join Annika Nelson, Craft Center Manager, to create a miniature installation of model trees or plants for your desk, table, or bookshelf,  inspired by Carolin Wanitzek


    • Construction or cardstock paper in colors of your choice (thin cardboard boxes also work) 
    • A couple of sticks (old pens, coffee stirrer, chopsticks, pencil, twig, a slice of thick cardboard) 
    • Glue (hot glue gun ideal, but white glue works as well)
    • Scissors
    • Clean small cardboard box, food container, or drink can (yogurt containers work well) 
  • Wednesday, October 7 - Talent Show/Karaoke

    • We are calling on all performers and artists! Take the Zoom mic for 5 minutes of lunchtime fame, or join the audience and cheer on your coworkers!