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Shola Richards

Founder of The Positivity Solution

Shola Richards Webinars

The UC San Diego Staff Association and Black Staff Association welcomed Shola Richards to facilitate the discussion Addressing Anti-Blackness: How to Sustain a Culture of Inclusion, Equity, and Anti-Racism at UC San Diego for four webinars in November and December of 2020. The highly engaging Addressing Anti-Blackness webinars provided the audience with the information, strategies, and critical actions necessary to engage in the work and sustain it. 

Check out the recordings below! All recordings are protected under single sign-on and are only available to UC San Diego. Thank you for your understanding. 


Nov 10, 2020 - ALL STAFF
Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: 3Kq7*E?J


Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: F^+1&2M.
(*note: include the period in the passcode above)


Dec. 1, 2020 - BLACK STAFF
If you would like more information about this session, please contact Tammy Blevins at


Dec. 8, 2020 - ALL STAFF
Meeting Recording
Access Passcode: @9fwfpAq