Staff Association Scholarship Program

Learn about the UCSD Staff Association Scholarship Program.

Note: Program information for 2016-17 will be posted in the fall 2017. Below is the 2015-16 information for reference.


The 2015–2016 application deadline is June 30, 2016 by 4:30 pm. The application period will be June 1 – June 30. Awards will be given at the Staff Summer Appreciate Event.

Each year, the UCSD Staff Association awards scholarships up to $350 each to eligible UCSD Staff Association members for completed training activities that aid in their career development. Scholarships will be awarded to help staff develop skills for their current job or for advancement opportunities or career change within the UC system. The scholarship program subcommittee of the UCSD Staff Association executive board shall be responsible for implementing the annual scholarship program in accordance with the guidelines and procedures contained in this document, subject to amendment by the executive board.

The current UCSD Staff Association Scholarship Application submission deadline is June 30, 2016, 4:30 p.m. Download the application form (Word).


  • The scholarship program subcommittee will be chosen annually by the Staff Association Chair.
  • The subcommittee shall communicate to Staff Association members a call for scholarship applications during the Spring Quarter.
  • Applications must be returned to the subcommittee chair by close of business by June 30. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • The subcommittee will review applications to verify eligibility.
  • During its July meeting, the Staff Association executive board will review the amount of scholarship funds available, the number of scholarships to be awarded, and the scholarship amount for each award. Qualified applications will be presented to the executive board at that same meeting for final approval.
  • If the number of eligible applications exceeds the funding available, award selection will be based on a lottery process.
  • The Staff Association Treasurer will prepare checks for the scholarships, and the Chair will announce the awards and distribute the funds at the Staff Summer Appreciation Event.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant must be a UC San Diego career staff employee who has completed the probationary period.
  • Qualified career development training activities include courses, seminars, and conferences. Items not eligible for scholarship funding are travel or other incidental expenses (such as food, parking, lodging, etc.), courses offered through Enrollment Central, courses required to maintain a current license or board certification, and any training paid by or reimbursed from University funds.
  • Training activities must occur between June 1 of the prior calendar year and May 31 of the current calendar year.
  • Scholarship allocation will be considered only for successfully completed training activities. Proof of completion with a passing grade must accompany applications for courses or seminars (i.e., grade report, transcript, certificate, etc.).
  • Original receipts for all expenses eligible for reimbursement must be submitted with the application.
  • Applicants are required to utilize UC San Diego employee discounts for UC and Extension courses.
  • Applications received incomplete or without required documentation will not be considered.

For more information, contact the Staff Association Scholarship Committee.