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About the Staff Association

Membership in the UC San Diego Staff Association includes all career staff employees. We are a non-dues organization.


The UC San Diego Staff Association engages and empowers all UC San Diego staff in order to advocate staff priorities and maximize our impact.


All staff will have the opportunity to engage and thrive as integral members of the UC San Diego community.


  1. Build community through staff engagement.
  2. Celebrate our staff contributions.
  3. Unite the voice of UC San Diego staff.
  4. Influence change based upon staff identified priorities.

Leadership Team

The Staff Association Executive Board (SAEB) is comprised of officers, committee chairs, and affiliate group representatives. Officers are elected by the board and serve one-year terms. Committee Chairs are elected by Staff Association members and serve two-year terms. Affiliate group representatives are appointed by their respective group.

Meet the current and past SAEB members:

You can read about the duties of the SAEB members in the bylaws.


The Staff Association Bylaws (PDF) govern how we operate.

Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

The Chair and Chair-Elect of the Staff Association Executive Board also serve as UC San Diego's delegates on the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA).

CUCSA is an assembly of staff dedicated to improving communications between UC administrators and staff, and between staff at UC locations (Office of the President, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and all ten campuses). The Council’s objective is to provide service to the University by advising and providing a staff perspective to decision makers. Through CUCSA, our delegates communicate about matters affecting staff, such as benefits, change management, diversity, wellness, and engagement. The Council includes two delegates from each campus, Office of the President, and Berkeley Lab, as well as three officers.

To keep up with the latest issues affecting employees:

Staff Engagement Survey

Systemwide staff engagement surveys are used to understand the current state of engagement and to create a shortlist of actions to address issues and improve employee engagement across the system.

Looking for Employee Services and Resources?

UC San Diego aspires to create a workplace culture which fosters work-life integration. Check out the Human Resources pages on Blink for information on services and resources available for staff.