Who is the UC San Diego Staff Association?

The UC San Diego Staff Association presents staff views to the Office of the President, the Chancellor and senior UC San Diego administration. It is managed by staff members for staff members.

Our Mission

The objective of the UC San Diego Staff Association, as a group that is advisory to the administration, is to provide an effective base for staff communication with the administration, faculty, and students, in all matters relating to the welfare and efficient functioning of the University in its role as an international leader in higher education. The Staff Association encourages staff members to voice their opinions on issues that affect the University community, and serves as an advisor to the administration on these issues when the Staff Association membership deem it necessary.

Our Goals

Many of our goals are established as a direct result of feedback you give us. In general, the goals of the Staff Association are:

  1. To represent actively the interests of the staff at the Campus, Health System, and other facilities associated with the University of California, San Diego, hereinafter referred to as UC San Diego.
  2. To promote communication between staff employees and the administration.
  3. To provide input to the decision-making process on issues affecting staff and the University.
  4. To support and develop activities which serve UC San Diego, the community, and the University.
  5. To serve as the official nominating body for staff appointments to administrative committees, search committees, and task forces.
  6. To participate actively on the Council of the University of California Staff Assemblies, hereinafter referred to as CUCSA.

Our Members

All UC San Diego career staff are members of the UC San Diego Staff Association. Contract and temporary employees who will be at UC San Diego for more than one year are welcome to opt-in to the listserv to stay informed and participate in events.  

Our Bylaws

The Staff Association Bylaws help govern how we operate. Most recently revised in 2018, they determine the board structure, voting and more.